FRONTS Winter School Presentations

Lübeck, Germany, November 17-21, 2008


Shawn Session I

· Install and compile Shawn.
· Running some easy applications
· Tasks: Modify the Hello World application, compile Shawn again, and run the new application on your own

Shawn Session II

· Introduction on how to configure Shawn for simulations with .conf-files and JShawn
· Tasks: Write your own configuration-files for the application implemented in Session I, add and change parameters and have a look at the effects of simulations with different Shawn configurations.

Shawn Session III

· Basic Knowledge: World, Nodes, Processors
· Message Transmission
· Keeper-Concept and Handles
· Event-Scheduler
· Read Configuration Parameters from Files

Shawn Session IV

· Simulation Tasks
· Tags: Attach information to various Objects
· Models: Communication, Edge, and Transmission Model
· Example: How to write your own Transmission Model

Shawn SessionV

· Readings and Sensors: Simulating Measurements
· Topology: Create complex network topologies
· Logging: Using the Logging Concept in Shawn

Shawn Session VI

· Visualization: Generating images of the simulated World
· Mobility Models
· Mobility Sequences: Create movement behaviour for the whole network






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