PerAda Workshop in Security, Trust and Privacy

Rome, Italy, November 22-23, 2010

PerAda Workshop in Security, Trust and Privacy, 22-23 November 2010, Università di Roma "La Sapienza", Rome, Italy.

This workshop has been convened for the benefit of researchers in the PerAda projects as a cross-project event to determine key challenges in security, trust and privacy as they relate to pervasive adaptation and as guided by particular factors arising from project work. The expected output is to determine important themes in pervasive adaptation still requiring further research and it is hoped that this will help project participants identify ongoing challenges to help shape their final project reports.

This event is aimed at all PerAda project partners, and at all participant levels, and it is hoped that individuals who have not had a chance to participate in previous PerAda events will use this opportunity to contribute to the discussion which has taken place at the PerAda networking sessions as ICT2008 and FET2009.

The workshop is organised by PerAda members Giuseppe Persiano, and Alberto Marchetti Spaccamela who are pleased to announce three invited speakers whose presentations will provide the discussion framework :

Jonathan Katz from University of Maryland, USA (security protocols)
Speaker to be announced (security for small devices, eg RFID)
Speaker to be announced (privacy and trust issues)

In addition, the workshop provides for an informal but lively exchange and PerAda project participants are invited to give short five-minute, single-slide presentations on security, trust or privacy issues they have encountered when undertaking project work, together with their own perspective of future research challenges. All material collated from this workshop will be available to PerAda projects to incorporate into final project reports if desired.


MONDAY, November 22, 2010
12:30-14:00 Welcome lunch

Introduction by hosts Giuseppe Persiano & Alberto Marchetti Spaccamela


Speaker 1


Short presentations from PerAda project members (5 minutes each)


Coffee break


FP7 Work Programme: presentation by Wide Hogenhout, FET


TRUST: presentations / discussion on trust issues relevant to pervasive adaptation


Short break


Invited speaker 2


PRIVACY: presentations / discussion on privacy issues relevant to pervasive adaptation

20:00- Workshop Dinner

Speaker 3


SECURITY: presentations/discussion on security issues relevant to pervasive adaptation

Coffee break
anel discussion: main security-privacy-trust themes arising from the projects Final discussion (open to all): unresolved challenges for the future

Funding travel costs

PerAda will reimburse travel costs for a number of researchers working on ALLOW, ATRACO, FRONTS, REFLECT, SOCIALNETS, SYMBRION. This is done on a first-come-first-served basis and a number of places per project have been reserved until 10 November. Travel costs to a maximum of 400 EUR will be reimbursed retrospectively with submission of receipts. In addition, hotel costs (for 1 or 2 nights) will be paid for the first 20 persons who confirm their registration. The objective is to maximize participation by PerAda projects but other interested PerAda members may also apply for travel funding by contacting Jennifer Willies, PerAda Project Manager (j.willies AT


If you are interested in principle in attending this workshop and you wish to register and/or apply for travel reimbursement, please click here.


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