2nd FRONTS Winter School Presentations

Braunschweig, Germany, 12-14 October 2009

Wiselib Session I

- Wiselib Introduction
- Development Environment
- Compiling and running algorithms using Shawn and the Wiselib

Wiselib Session II

- Compiling for the remote testbed
- Deploying and running code at the testbed

Wiselib Session III

- Wiselib architecture
- External Interface
- Internal Interface
- Algorithm Classes

Wiselib Session IV

- Routing Algorithms and associated data structures

Wiselib Session V

- Introduction to cryptography
- Security in WSNs
- Security with pMP
- Secure Routing

Wiselib Session VI

- Time Synchronization Algorithms

Wiselib Session VII

- WiseML and tools

VMware Image: Winterschool Development Environment

Exercises: Templates and Solutions

Participant Presentations

- Indoors passive target tracking
- UPC developments for the Wiselib
- Lorien
- Tarwis: Testbed Management Architecture for Wireless Sensor Networks
- An Energy-Balancing QoS Routing Scheme for WSNs
- Computer (Sensor) Security and Biological Immunology
- Adaptive Secure Clustering in Wireless Sensor Networks

The Winter School was supported by:

PerAda, Future and Emerging Technologies Proactive Initiative funded by the European Commission under FP7


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